Socialist union on government policies: "They misled voters and send bill to next government"

Miranda Ulens, general secretary of the socialist trades union ABVV, has lashed out against the federal government. Speaking in the VRT's economic affairs programme "De Markt" she said that the coalition parties of the centre-right government misled voters. 

Ulens was talking about the retirement age, which was put at 67 coming from 65. "None of the coalition parties had mentioned this in their election manifesto. This means that they actually misled voters and cheated on them. They didn't mention the subject in the run-up to the elections and once they gained power, they did it. This is not the right way to handle a dossier which is very important for so many people." She believes the retirement age can still be lowered again, by boosting social security revenues.  

Ulens also lashed out against the government in the dossier of the federal budget. "They gained power by promising they would fix the budget deficit. But what we see at the end of the term, is that they left a gap of about 8 billion euros. Actually, they are sending the bill to the next government." Ulens says that a solution can be found in a different taxation system. 

The socialist union also warned against the N-VA's plans (Jan Jambon is a potential PM for the N-VA) to move to a different wage discussion. Now, this is being held with the different social partners on a central level. Mr Jambon wants to move this to the different sectors, but Ulens is afraid that only workers in sectors which are doing well will be able to enjoy a pay rise. Mr Jambon denies this. 

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