Charles Michel: "We paid a heavy price for the N-VA's decision to quit"

Speaking in the VRT's current affairs programme on Sunday "De Zevende Dag", Prime Minister Charles Michel blamed the Flemish nationalists of N-VA for his poor score in the polls. 

According to the latest opinion poll in the run-up to the elections of 26 May, Charles Michel's Francophone liberals (MR) would only be left with 18.3 percent of the votes, no less than 7.5 percent below their score in 2014. 

After the previous elections, Charles Michel started what was labelled as a "kamikaze government", as he was the only Francophone component in the federal coalition which had many more Flemish seats, including those of N-VA. While he took a risk at that time, Michel blames something else for his party's poor score: he blames the N-VA for throwing in the towel a couple of months ago, after which the government couldn't finish its tasks as planned. 

"I was courageous and chose for stability. We opted for more jobs, for increasing competitiveness and for more investments. We showed we were capable of steering the country before the goverment fell", Michel told the VRT.  Is he a candidate to become a PM again? "It's much too early to talk about this." 

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