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Heritage Day 2019: how do you do?

Today is Heritage Day in Flanders and Brussels. A record number of 950 events are taking place until 6 PM, free of charge. The main theme for this 19th edition is craftsmanship. The Dutch slogan is a pun, it can mean 'how do you do' or literally 'how do you create this'. 

Craftsmen can't wait to show you their skills through demonstrations and workshops. 2019 is the Bruegel year - the painter passed away 450 years ago in Brussels - and this is reflected in the programme. 

Among the many activities is a Bruegel brunch at the Munt in Brussels, where you can take part in a drawing workshop or discover the music from Bruegel's time with self-made instruments. The Bakery Museum in Veurne (West Flanders) offers a Bruegel market with popular games, and delicious foods from the 16th and 17th century are being prepared. For the whole list, visit the official website here.

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