Spaghetti sauce sold for a good cause turns out to be contaminated, Colruyt apologises

Bad luck for the volunteers of Mechelen's vzw Prinses Harte, who sold 420 litres of fresh spaghetti sauce for a fundraiser to battle cancer and ease patients' suffering: it turns out that the minced meat they bought from retailers Colruyt, is possibly contaminated. Colruyt has apologised in the aftermath of the incident. 

The volunteers had prepared 420 one-litre pots in Muizen, near Mechelen. They sold it for the renowned fundraiser "Kom op tegen Kanker". About 250 people bought one or more pots.

However, soon after these had been sold, discounters Colruyt announced that a number of meat products were being recalled because they may be contaminated with the E.coli STEC bacteria. The products include roast beef, fresh beef and processed meat including the minced meat the volunteers had used. 

This is very bitter for us. As volunteers, we spent a lot of time on this project

Prinses Harte sent every buyer an e-mail to warn them not to eat the sauce, though some had already done so. Those who bought the sauce will get a refund, but the volunteers plan to demand a compensation from the Colruyt group. This cash could then go to the cancer fundraiser after all. 

Johan Muyldermans of Prinses Harte (photo) told the VRT: "This is very bitter for us. We spent a lot of time on this project, working two days fulltime with six volunteers to make the sauce and to sell it. It also takes a lot of preparation, to calculate how much you need, and to calculate the cost." Colruyt has apologised and contacted organisers "to decide about the next steps to be taken". 

The non-profit organisation Prinses Harte offers surprise packages of knights and princesses to children confronted with a long stay in hospital due to cancer.  

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