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1,700 solar panels at Ostend Station carpark

The Belgian rail company NMBS has installed 1,700 solar panels on the carpark at the station in the West Flemish coastal city of Ostend. The solar panels are capable of producing 520,000 kWh of electricity per annum. The 1,700 solar panels at Ostend Station form the second biggest solar electricity project by the Belgian rail operator.    

The solar panels have been installed as part of the renovation of Ostend Station and have made it one of the most ecologically sustainable stations in the country.  

Only at the NMBS’ train repair workshop in the Brussels municipality of Vorst, where 6,100 solar panels have been installed on the roof, has the NMBS installed more solar panels in one place than in Ostend.  

The 1,700 solar panels on the carpark at Ostend Station are capable of producing enough electricity for 150 families. The electricity produced by the solar panels will be used to heat the station and to power the lights in the building. Any electricity that is left will be used to provide light in the carpark and even to provide electricity in the train repair workshop next to the station.   

NMBS is currently investing in green energy. It hopes to have reduced electricity consumption in its stations, offices and workshops by 7% by 2022.  

Later this year NMBS will install 5,600 solar panels on the roof of its new train repair workshop in Melle, East Flanders.  


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