More than 300 Belgians doing time in foreign jails

According to figures from the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs 320 Belgians are currently incarcerated in foreign prisons. The vast majority of the Belgians serving prison sentences abroad are men.

The country with the greatest number of Belgian inmates (63) is France. The Netherlands is second with 53 Belgians doing time in Dutch jails. 33 Belgians are currently locked up in Spanish prisons, while 31 of our compatriots are currently serving sentences in Morocco and 25 Belgians are doing time in the UK.

The Foreign Affairs Department Spokesman Karl Lagatie told VRT News that most Belgians serving sentences abroad have been locked up for drug offences or violence. The remainder are mainly doing time for sexual offences or fraud.  

In the official figures 286 men and 19 woman are currently serving sentences abroad. The sex remaining 25 Belgians locked up in foreign jails is not known.

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