Disturbance outside school after Judicial Authorities find no evidence of abuse

An angry crowd gathered outside a French-medium nursery and primary school in the Brussels municipality of Schaarbeek on Tuesday morning. The crowd made up mainly of parents of pupils at the Ecole 1 school don’t accept the finding of an investigation by the Judicial Authorities into allegations that a 4-year-old girl had been sexually abused by a member of staff at the school. The investigation found that there was no evidence that any abuse had taken place.   

Despite no evidence of abuse having been found a crowd of around 150 people gathered outside the school for the second consecutive day. They pelted the police with eggs and other missiles and shouted “paedophile school”. A window of a police car was broken in the melee.  

The parents don’t believe that there is “no question of abuse” having taken place at the school and have asked for a second opinion.

One parent told the Brussels regional news platform Bruzz that “A young girl cannot get an infection that causes her to bleed like this”. The mother of the girl in question found blood stains on her knickers. A group of parents of children at the school have enlisted the services of a solicitor to help them fight for what they see as the truth.      

Meanwhile, the girl’s mother has thanked those that have supported her and her family. She added that the protest will continue “until justice has been done”. 

Early on Tuesday afternoon police fired tear-gas at the protesters and one woman was taken to hospital.  

The Mayor of Schaarbeek Bernard Clerfayt (Francophone federalist) has annouced that the school will remain closed for the rest of the week.  

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