KU Leuven tops Reuters Top 100 of "Europe's Most Innovative Universities 2019"

The Reuters press agency has released its annual rankings of innovative universities. The Flemish Brabant university KU Leuven retains first place, while German universities are the most numerous. However, just looking at the top 10, the U.K. is best represented with four places. 

"All 100 of the institutions included in Reuters Top 100 produce original research, create useful technology and stimulate the global economy," Reuters write in a press report. 

KU Leuven tops the list for the fourth consecutive year. "The Dutch-speaking school based in Belgium’s Flanders region is 594 years old and boasts a tradition of influential innovation. Patents filed by KU scientists are frequently cited by other researchers in their own patent filings. That’s one of the key criteria in Reuters’ rankings, which were compiled in partnership with Clarivate Analytics. The Reuters Top 100 is based on proprietary analysis of numerous indicators including patent filings and research paper citations," the Reuters news agency explains. 

This is the Reuters top 25

1 KU Leuven Belgium

2 University of Erlangen Nuremberg Germany

3 Imperial College London United Kingdom

4 University of Cambridge United Kingdom

5 EPFL - Swiss Federal lnstitute of Technology Lausanne Switzerland

6 University College London United Kingdom

7 Technical University of Munich Germany

8 University of Manchester United Kingdom

9 University of Zurich Switzerland

10 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich Switzerland

11 Ruprecht Karl University Heidelberg Germany

12 University of Oxford United Kingdom

13 Technical University of Denmark Denmark

14 Leiden University Netherlands

15 University of Paris Sud - Paris 11 France

16 Delft University of Technology Netherlands

17 University of Montpellier France

18 University of Paris Descartes France

19 University of Basel Switzerland

20 University of Munich Germany

21 Kings College London United Kingdom

22 Sorbonne University France

23 Free University of Berlin Germany

24 University of Bordeaux France

25 Utrecht University Netherlands

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