Police apprehend two people by accident during security exercise

Two members of the public have been arrested by accident during a large-scale police exercise at Antwerp's Sportpaleis. One of the two launched a complaint; the judicial authorities have started an internal investigation.     

The drill took place on 24 April and focussed on how to handle a terror attack. Police staged an evacuation, during which a number of people were also apprehended. However, two of those arrested were not taking part in the exercise at all. One of them, Hamed Jabarkhel from Antwerp, told his story on social media. 

He writes "I hadn't been informed about the exercise and nor had my employer been informed. I heard gun shots and saw how a big number of people was being evacuated. I felt very scared." On top of that, the two "victims" were also arrested. They said they didn't have any opportunity to get an explanation. They were held for about one hour and a half. 

Police have formally apologised for the incident. They said police officers thought the two men were acting in a very convincing way.   

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