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Security badges can easily be copied; VRT talks of "an unpleasant surprise"

Security badges used by private companies, hotels, media companies, police offices or municipalities can easily be copied. This was shown by a test carried out by Het Laatste Nieuws and an IT expert. "In fact, many companies just have their doors wide open", says IT pundit Nico Cool. 

You may feel safe when you need your personal badge to get inside your hotel or workfloor, but the truth is that in many cases the doors are wide open to anyone with bad intentions as the security badges can easily by copied. The badges concerned are using a radio signal, but this can easily be copied onto an empty badge with a tool that can be purchased online. 

"It's a piece of cake", explains Nico Cool who cooperated in the test. "We performed the test in various places. Everywhere, workers found it hard to believe. (...) I think the problem lies with the manufacturers. The encryption codes should have been better."

Nico Cool is advising badge owners to keep the item with you. "And you best put it in an etui or a wallet to keep the radio signal inside." 

The VRT was in for an unpleasant surprise: "We will try to take measures"

The Flemish publisher Mediahuis and the Flemish public broadcaster VRT were among those to hear the news that their doors are in fact wide open to anyone. "This was an unpleasant surprise for us", says VRT spokesman Hans Van Goethem. "We will meet the security firm in question to deal with this problem as soon as possible. We have called on our staff to be careful when using their badges."

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