50,000 new solar panel systems installed in 2018

Almost 50,000 new solar panel systems were installed in Flanders during 2018. The new solar panels are good for a combined energy production of 225 megawatts. The figures on solar panels come from the Flemish energy agency’s Energy Map.   

The 225 extra megawatts of electricity from solar power that came online last year is more than the 131 and 194 extra megawattes that come online in 2016 and 2017 respectively. There are currently 378,939 solar panel installation in operation in Flanders. They are good for a combined electricity production of 2,823 megawatts/annum.

Of the new solar panels 99% were installed on top of family homes. These produced 85% of the additional power.   

Elsewhere, 353 large scale installations entered service at companies, organisation and public service buildings. These were good for a combined extra production of 34 megawatts/annum.      

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