Parents now say that their daughter was not sexually abused at school

The parents of a four-year-old girl that claimed that their daughter had been sexually abused by a member of staff at a school in the Brussels municipality of Schaarbeek now say that no abuse took place. After having spoken to the police surgeon that examined their daughter, the couple say that they now believe his finding that their daughter was suffering from a rare complaint. This explains the blood stain that the child’s mother found in her knickers. 

On Monday and Tuesday as many as 200 people gathered outside the French-medium Ecole 1 school in the Brussels municipality of Schaarbeek to demand what they believed to be “justice” for the 4-year-old and her family.

On Tuesday the Judicial Authorities said that a police surgeon that had examined had found no evidence of sexual abuse and that the give had an infection that had caused her to secrete blood. However, her parents didn’t believe this explanation. An angry crowd gathered outside the school (see photo above) on Tuesday morning and police were pelted with eggs and other missiles. In the afternoon police fired tear gas in an effort to disperse the crowd and one person was taken to hospital.         

The Mayor of Schaarbeek Bernard Clerfayt (Francophone federalists) decided to close the school for the rest of the week to allow the situation to defuse.  

In the meantime the parents have spoken to the police surgeon, who told them that the girl was suffering from a rare condition. Their solicitor Stéphan Jans told VRT News that “The parents are relieved that their daughter wasn’t abused. The girl has a rare condition and as such there is no question of abuse”.

The parents are now calling for calm and hope that everyone can return to school on Monday.    

"The fact that the diagnosis took so led to fear and anger. But now were are certain that the girl was not abused, the parents hope that calm will return”. 

Municipality to lodge complaints against three politicians

The municipal authorities in Schaarbeek believe that three Brussels politicians (from the Francophone socialists and the Francophone Christian democrats) were responsible for spreading the rumours of abuse and thus for inciting the trouble.

The municipal cabinet voted on Thursday to lodge a complaint against the three with the Judicial Authorities. 

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