Belgian is new World Triathlon Champion

14 years after Kathleen Smet Belgium has a new Triathlon World Champion. Alexandra Tondeur is her name and she two first place with more than 2 minutes to spare in the Spanish city of Pontevedra. The distances in the long distance triathlon are a little shorter than in the Ironman triathlon competition. 

Those competing have to swim 1,500 metres, cycle 110 kilometres and run 30km.

The Dane Perdersen was first out of the water. However Alexander Tondeur got the better of her in the cycle race and the running. The 32-year Belgian took gold with two Spanish triatletes taking silver and gold.

This was the greatest victory of Alexandra Tondeur’s career. She is the second Belgian to win the World Triathlon Champions. Kathleen Smet took gold in 2005.

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