Belgian royal family well-represented at Luxembourg Grand Duke’s funeral

The people of Luxembourg have said farewell to their former Grand Duke Jean who died last month aged 98. The funeral took place in the Cathedral of Our Lady in Luxembourg City on Saturday morning. Grand Duke Jean as the widower of the sister of King Albert and the late King Boudewijn and with such strong family ties it came as no surprise that the Belgian royal family was well represented at the state funeral. 

Grand Duke Jean and Princess Joséphine-Charlotte had five children. Joséphine-Charlotte died in 2005.

King Filip and Queen Mathilde attended the funeral as did Crown Princess Elisabeth, King Albert, Queen Paola, Princess Astrid, Prince Lorenz, Prince Laurent and Princes Léa.

Grand Duc Jean was born on 5 January 1921. He was the oldest son of Grand Duchess Charlotte and Prince Félix of Bourbon-Parma. He succeeded his mother as Grand Duc of Luxembourg on 12 November 1964. He abdicated in 2000 and his oldest son Henri became the new Grand Duke of Luxembourg on 7 October 2000.

Luxembourg is the world’s only Grand Duchy and has a population of just over 600,000.

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