Brussels’ EU institutions open their doors to general public

Next Friday is Europe Day, the day on which the European Union celebrates peace and unity in Europe. 9 May was chosen as it is the anniversary on a speech made by the then French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman in which he set out his idea for a new form of political cooperation between the countries of Europe.  

Each year a Saturday near to Europe Day, the buildings that house the European Union’s institutions in Brussels open their doors to the general public.

Today those that wish to will be able to take a look around the buildings that house the European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Council.

The themes of is year’s open day are the forthcoming European elections and the future of Europe.

In addition to Saturday’s open day in Brussels, the EU institutions in Luxembourg will be open to the public on Friday 9 May. Ten days later on 19 May the European Parliament in the French city of Strasbourg will open its doors to visitors.

In Brussels the EU institution are open to the public between 10am and 6pm on Saturday. Visitors can take a guided tour and see with their own eyes where important decisions are taken that affect people from Cyprus to Ireland and from Spain to Sweden. A host of other activities include debate have also been organized.  

This year’s theme of the European elections aims to show that all Europeans scan have a say in shaping EU policy. The European Union is keen to encourage as many people as possible to exercise their democratic right and go out and vote in the elections that will be held between 23 and 26 May. Here in Belgium the European elections will be held on together with the regional and federal elections on 26 May. 

Click here to find out more about the European elections. 


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