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A chilly next few days

The Royal Metrological Institute KMI forecasts that current spell of cool and wet weather will continue for the next few days. It will remain cold for the time of year with wintery showers in the Ardennes and a ground frost in some areas on Sunday night. 

Today it the weather will remain cool and changeable with a front that will cross the country from the North Sea bringing with it showers, some of which could be heavy. On the high ground of the Ardennes the showers could well be wintery in nature.

During the afternoon the weather will become gradually dryer starting in the west. Temperatures will reach 6°C in the Ardennes and 11°C in Flanders. Winds will be moderate north-north westerlies. Gusts of up to 60km/h are expected in coastal areas.      

On Sunday evening there will be further wintery showers in the east of the country. Sunday night will be mainly dry. Drivers are warn of the possibility of slippery road conditions caused by ice patches in the east of the country.     

Towards the end of the night there will be a few showers in the northwest. It will be a cold night with minimum temperatures of – 3°C in the Ardennes, 2°C in the west and 5°C in coastal areas.  

On Monday and Tuesday there will be fewer showers. However, it will remain very cool. Wednesday and Thursday are expected to be very changeable will rain and showers. The wet weather is forecast to continue into next weekend.  

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