Public transport companies join forces to launch new route planner

The Flemish public transport company De Lijn and its Brussels and Walloon counterparts MIVB and TEC have joined forces with the Belgian rail operator NMBS to launch the test version of a route planner app incorporating all of Belgium’s public transport services. The app works out the best route to get you from A to B and even takes into account any delays or cancellations to services that might occur. It has already been tested by 3,800 people and modifications have been made to it based on their more than 800 suggestions.   



The Smart Mobility Planner integrates real time information from the four public transport companies. It keeps users informed about any delays or cancellations to the services that they wish to use. As well as trains, trams busses and metro services, the Villo bike share service in Brussels is incorporated into the system.

In time other bike and car share services will be incorporated into the app. The service is available to everyone with a smartphone or tablet. This is the first time that the three regional public transport companies and the national rail operator have joined forces in this way.

From now those that wish to can download the test version of the app. The launch of the app proper is for later this year.      

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