Nicolas Maeterlinck

1,200 police officers take part in operation against gang of car thieves

In a large scale operation against a gang of car thieves around 200 properties were raided a locations in Brussels, Anderlecht, Asse (Flemish Brabant) and Charleroi (Hainaut). Around 1,200 police officers took part in the operation that was the largest mounted in 20 years. 30 people were detained for questioning. 

The operation was directed against a gang that have conned around 600 people over the past two years. The gang responded to advertisements for second hand cars.

They didn’t barter about the price. They told the vendor that payment for the car had been made via bank transfer and even showed a false bank transfer slip. However, sometimes threat and even violence were used by the gang to get their hands of their victim’s vehicle.       

In addition to the around 1,200 police officers, a number of drones and two helicopters were deployed in Tuesday morning’s operation.  Officers from the French police also took part. They carried out 7 searches of properties just over the border. The 30 people that have been detained are suspected of fraud and being members of a criminal organisation. 

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