Carers protest against staff shortages and pressure of work

Around 8,000 people that work in the caring professions are staging a protest march through the centre of Brussels today. They are unhappy about staff shortages and the high pressure of work that they feel they are subjected to. With the elections less than three weeks away, the protesters that work in (amongst other places) hospitals, care homes for the elderly and as child minders, want to make their demands clear to politicians.      

One nurse that is among the 8,000 protesters told VRT News “Do something about the high pressure of work. The greater the pressure of work is, the more likely we are to make mistakes”.

However, excessive pressure of work is not the only issue of importance to the protesters.  For example those that work in youth welfare services told our reporter “We have to abandon youngster simply because we are unable to help”.  

"Not an anti-government march"

The Christian trade union’s Mark Selleslach told VRT News that “This is not an anti-government demonstration”.

"However, there is a great need for extra staff. Not only to reduce the pressure of work, but also to allow the industry to grow. We expect investment in our industry from the new government. This must be included in the coalition agreement”.     

The demonstration got under way at around 10:55pm from Brussels North Station. The demonstrators ends at the Muntplein, in front of the Brussels Opera Building. 

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