Kompany ignored teammates’ calls not to shoot and became Man City’s hero of the hour

The Manchester City Captain and Belgian international Vincent Kompany become the hero of the hour on Monday evening scoring the only goal in City’s 1-0 win against Leicester. His first goal for his club this season was arguable one of the greatest of his career so far. What’s more with just 1 game to go it put Manchester City back on the top on the English Premier League with a 1 point lead of second-placed Liverpool.   

While the importance of Kompany’s goal cannot be understated, it wouldn’t have been scored at all if the defender had listened to his team mates. In an interview with the British television station Sky Sports, Vincent Kompany said that other members of the Manchester City team had told him “not to shoot”.

With Liverpool having reclaimed the top spot in the league after their win at Newcastle United on Saturday, Manchester City looked nervy as they reached the hour mark without scoring a goal.

Vincent Kompany then came to the rescue by arrowing in a stunning strike into the top corner in the 70th minute to score his first goal of the season and his first-ever from outside the box in the English Premier League.

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 Speaking after the match Vincent Kompany told Sky Sports that "Everyone was saying don't shoot but I've not come this far in my career to be told when I can and can't shoot,"

"I've had 15 years of top-level midfielders telling me not to shoot but I always told them one day I am going to have a shot from outside the box and I'm going to score a goal."

The Manchester City Coach Pep Guardiola said he was one of those urging his captain not to shoot but praised the impact Kompany has had on the club.

"When he is fit, he is an incredible centre-back. Not just for the goal. He is a leader. I am happy for him for the club, and for everyone."

Guardiola also said a new contract for Kompany will be discussed at the end of the season.

"We spoke with him one month ago. We are going to take a beer together at the end of the season and decide what is best, especially for the club."


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