"Saudis using Belgian weapons in Yemen"

It has emerged that Belgian weapons and military technology play a greater role in the conflict in Yemen than previously established.  The investigative project #BelgianArms discovered that Saudi Arabia is deploying Belgian weapons and technology in ground and air offences.

The #BelgianArms-team found evidence that Saudi Arabia is using FN F2000 assault rifles produced in Belgium.  The country is also employing armoured vehicles equipped with tank guns produced by Belgium's CMI Defence with ammunition from Mecar.  The Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets and the military version of the Airbus A330 also include Belgian know-how.  The Saudi-led coalition is deploying both types of plane in its attacks on Syria.

Belgium's Walloon government insists that the export licences for military equipment that it issued only have the Saudi National Guard as its end user.  The Walloon PM Willy Borsus has said that the National Guard doesn't operate outside Saudi, but #BelgianArms has found evidence of operations in Yemen.  National Guard soldiers use FN F2000 rifles as well as armoured vehicles with Belgian tank guns.

The investigation also revealed Belgian armoured vehicles are used against demonstrators in Bahrein.

The exports continue despite well-documented human rights violations and in violation of EU policy.

#BelgianArms also discovered that Belgian firearms are widely used by Mexican drug cartels.

Journalists working for VRT, Knack, Le Soir, Lighthouse Reports and Bellingcat co-operate in the #BelgianArms investigation.  

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