Come to Bruges Theatre dressed like it's 1869!

The Bruges Theatre will be celebrating its 150th anniversary next September and has the ambition of filling its seats with theatre-goers dressed as if it was still 1869. To this end the theatre's looking for 700 people ready to form part of this re-enactment.

The Bruges Theatre opened in that year and plans to stage a special performance on 28 September of this year to recreate the atmosphere of those vibrant opening years.  The goal is to fill the 700 seats with well-dressed ladies and gents kitted out in the style of the 1860's.

The people behind the re-enactment will provide the costumes as well as the hairstyling!  The clothes are being produced in workshops that have been running in Bruges each and every Thursday since the beginning of the year.  The Bruges Theatre's celebrations aren't limited to the theatre building itself because the guests will travel to the theatre in a carriage.  In the streets and squares around the theatre cyclists will be seen on penny-farthings too!

The opera 'The Three Musketeers' was the first show at the theatre.  Next September musketeers will again be on stage but this time in a musical with a modern slant and performed by the Bruges troupes Kotékoer and TeamJacques.

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