Nicolas Maeterlinck

Groundwater levels fell still further in April

The Flemish Environment Agency reports that groundwater levels in our region fell yet further during April. As the winter and early spring have been relatively dry, the level of groundwater in are region has still not recovered from the consequence of last years prolonged spell of hot, dry weather during the summer.  

Katrien Smet of the Flemish Environment Agency told journalists that as April was yet another very dry month groundwater in Flemish Brabant and the south of Limburg province is still exceptionally low for the time of year. Elsewhere in Flanders the situation is slightly better.   

The figures from the Flemish Environment Agency are based on measurements taken up to 6 May. Although there has been quite a lot of rainfall over the past few days it will need to be exceptionally wet for the rest of this month and all of next month if groundwater levels are to return to normal before the beginning of July.  

The Flemish Environment Agency advises Flemings not to waste water and if possible to use rain water for example to clean their homes. The agency gives a number of tips to help you save water on its website. 

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