Bomb hoax in Brussels: three shopping centres reopened

Three major shopping malls in the capital (Woluwe Shopping Center, Westland Shopping Center and Docks Bruxsel) were reopened this morning after a bomb alert late on Friday. 

The Woluwe Shopping Center was the first to be confronted with a bomb warning, and had to be evacuated around 7:30 yesterday evening.

Docks Bruxsel soon followed. "The evacuation happened without incidents and the buildings will be searched now", the Brussels police spokesman Olivier Slosse told reporters yesterday. The Westland centre was not evacuated, but nobody was allowed to enter and police stepped up security measures. 

No explosives were found as it turned out to be yet another bomb hoax, just like last Wednesday, when schools were evacuated in Aarschot, Diest and Westerlo. The shopping centres were allowed to reopen their doors around 10 this morning. 

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