Belgium has a gap to close when it comes to digital payment

Belgians are paying more in cash than Dutch citizens. The gap with countries such as Sweden and Denmark is huge. Febelfin, the organisation representing the financial sector in Belgium, has launched a campaign, which is coming to a close today with "Digital Payment Day". 

According to data collected by the European Central Bank in 2016, 63 percent of the payments in Belgium was made in cash. In the Netherlands this was only 45 percent, in Denmark 23 percent and the gap with frontrunners Sweden (15 percent) is huge. 

While Belgians are open to use digital methods more frequently, this is not always possible. Febelfin CEO Karel Van Eetvelt: "Our research shows that 11 percent of the comsumers has already left a store or another business because digital payment was impossible. For those self-employed, this means they lose customers." 

Febelfin wants to stimulate digital pay as much as possible, arguing that this is also cheaper for society as a whole. They launched the campaign "Betaal digitaal, het is het nieuwe normaal."  This campaign culminates in today's initiative Digital Payment Day. 

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