David rozing

1 in 4 Belgians working part-time: four women for each man

A study by the National Bank has revealed that one in four employees in Belgium is not working full-time. This is well above the European average of 19 percent. For every man working part-time in Belgium, there are four women in part-time jobs. 

The study covered both the private sector, the public sector and the self-employed. The figure of 25 percent if part-time jobs remains more or less stable, the National Bank added. However, the number of women not working full-time is a lot higher than some may think, showing a four to one rate compared to men. 

Despite the government cutting down on the options of taking part-time leave from work (i.e. "without reason" like parenthood, red.), the Belgian figure remains well above the European average of 19 percent. Part-time employment in Belgium is mostly an employee's own choice. Only 2 percent is believed to be in this regime against his or her will, compared to 5 percent in Europe, and they are mostly youngsters. 

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