Brussels "red and green" demo for more social justice and more focus on the climate: "Right(s) now!"

The Silent March in Antwerp is not the only demonstration today: in Brussels, protesters were demanding that the government would pay more attention to social injustice and the climate.

The event was organised by various players such as Greenpeace, the NGO 11.11.11, trades unions and the social movement Hart Boven Hard. The main slogan was "Right(s) now!", as protesters demand more rights, and they want it now. The demands are both red and green: more social rights for the weak and a better climate policy. 

Unofficial figures are talking about 20,000 participants, but police put the figure at 15,000. The march started around 2pm and came to a close the Jubelpark around 4pm. 

"What we are asking, is in fact part of our Constitution", organisers argue, referring to article 23, which stipulates that everyone has a right to a decent life: "This means, more concretely, a healthy climate, a good job, equal rights, affordable health care, a humane migration policy and no struggle to make ends meet at the end of each month." 

Protesters are putting forward six concrete proposals

  • four billion euros extra for train, tram and bus
  • the lowest benefits should go up 
  • equal pay and pension for men and women
  • humane migration policies
  • prices for medicines are being kept under control
  • a halt to the massive tax evasion

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