Belgium to get its first woman PM?

Belgium is a member of a club that is getting smaller and smaller.  It's never had a woman prime minister.  Could this change after the May 26 general election.  Only possibly, though Flemish liberal leader Gwendolyn Rutten does not lack the determination to achieve this goal.

"If we get to choose, then I will gladly do the job" says Flemish liberal leader Gwendolyn Rutten.  The Flemish liberals will put forward a woman politician from their number if they get a chance after the May 26 poll and the obvious choice is their current leader.

Ms Rutten talked up her chances at a news conference in Brussels this morning flanked by outgoing ministers Alexander De Croo and Maggie De Block.  All will depend on what kind of hand voters deal the various parties on Election Day.

A liberal PM assumes that the Flemish and Francophone liberals are the biggest group in parliament.  As you can read elsewhere on our pages PM Michel too has his ambition firmly set on a second term in the Lambermont, the PM's residence.

Deputy premier De Croo, author of the tome "The Women's Century" and a man told newsmen and women: "We have good candidates, women too who would do a good job as PM.  The present government has fifteen ministers.  Twelve are men.  Of course you have to pick the best people, but I can't imagine that twelve men are the best!"

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