Hidden EU report on aviation tax leaked

A study commissioned by the European commission into the impact of an aviation tax e.g. on aircraft fuel has been languishing in a Brussels draw since 2018.  The content of the study isn't being released, but fortunately the Belgian environmental organisation BBL has got hold of a copy and has shared its information.

Increasing taxation on aviation would cut greenhouse gas emissions, but would also cost jobs in the Belgian aviation sector.  Aviation is being blamed for up to 3% of the gases causing global warming.  More worryingly aviation's share is set to grow strongly.  At present aviation is excluded from many taxes.  The failure to tax kerosene, aircraft fuel, is a major concern of environmentalists, who say aviation today enjoys preferential treatment when it comes to taxation.

Though a Belgian passengers’ tax already exists and landing rights, airport taxes and air traffic control all have to be paid, the EU study notes that the EU is a tax paradise for aviation.  Kerosene used on international flights isn't taxed; Many EU nations don't charge VAT on air tickets either.   In the US, Canada, Australia and Mexico aviation faces a far harsher environment.  Kerosene is taxed on internal and on US-Canada flights.

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