Nicolas Maeterlinck

New name for Brussels Airport?

If Bruegel expert Albrecht De Schrijver has anything to do with it Brussels Airport will soon be a thing of the past.  The man behind the Bruegel open air museum wants to see the name jettisoned and for the great master to be honoured by naming Belgium's biggest airport after him.

Instead of flying to Brussels Airport, visitors would travel to Bruegel Airport.  Mr De Schrijver has launched a petition to drum up support.  A name change is timely as this is the Bruegel Year. Brussels Airlines already has a Bruegel aircraft.

Mr De Schrijver points to Italy where airports have been named after Italian greats Marco Polo and Leonardo Da Vinci: "Bruegel is our greatest landscape painter: Bruegel International Airport would be a great name. The 450th anniversary of his death is being marked this year, but after that the focus will shift.  This would be a permanent tribute”.

In any race for a name change for Brussels Airport Bruegel would have his rivals as he is not the only Belgian great.

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