No 'rush hour from hell' for drivers coming in from Leuven

Predicted havoc has failed to materialise on the E40 for drivers arriving in Brussels from the direction of Leuven.  The Brussels Region has redesigned this access route creating what it labels a 'city boulevard'.  The number of lanes has been cut from 6 to 4.

Motorists were warned and took the message on board.  Drivers experienced few problems this morning despite the fact that they are having to make do with fewer lanes.  Early this morning road workers were out and about to put up new signs reducing the speed limit.  A 50 km/h speed restriction starts earlier.  Road marks reduce the number of lanes for drivers entering the Montgomery Tunnel from two to one.  This was already the case for motorists heading downtown.  Make for Meiser, known locally as ‘Place Misère’, and you still had two lanes at your disposal, but this too is being cut to one! Have a great trip!

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