First scooter-related death in Brussels

It has emerged that a 41-year-old man was probably the first fatality of an accident involving an electrically powered scooter in Belgium.  The accident happened last month but details have only just emerged. 

The member of the travelling public was killed on the Haachtsesteenweg in Haren (City of Brussels) in the night of 16 April.  A passer-by discovered the 41-year-old who had been badly injured sitting on a bench.  The electric scooter was by his feet.  The injured gentleman was taken to hospital but died the following day.

Prosecutors used CCTV footage to establish what happened.  They discovered that the man died as a result of an accident in which nobody else was involved!

Doctors across the Brussels Region are now warning of the dangers involved in using electric scooters and report an increased number of patients coming forward with scooter-related and electric bike injuries.  Injuries include head and skull injuries, nose fractures and fractures of upper limbs.

Emergency nurse Stef Van Lee says nursing staff have noticed that the Brussels infrastructure isn't suitable for the new electric modes of conveyance.  Often scooters are used on the pavement that isn't suitable for such traffic.  The scooters have small wheels leading to accidents when people scoot off pavements or hit small holes in the pavement.

Scooter users are being advised to anticipate problems ahead and moderate their speed. Use of a helmet can do wonders in preventing injury!  The traffic safety institute stresses that scooters are not toys but real means of conveyance!

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