Indian chief Raoni is coming to Belgium

The celebrated Indian chief Raoni and environmental campaigner is coming to Belgium.  Brazil's Raoni will first travel to Paris where he embarks on a three week tour of the European continent.

Raoni has meetings with several European heads of state pencilled in including France's President Macron and Pope Francis and is expected to renew his warnings about the deforestation of the Amazonian rain forest.  In Belgium Raoni will attend the 18th Youth For Climate march and will address the crowd at the Central Station on 17 May ahead of the start.

Raoni, who used to lead the Kayapo people is an international celeb as a result of his tireless campaigning to save the rain forest.  He is trying to collect a million euros to protect the Xingu Reservation.  The cash will be used to improve the demarcation of the reserve and buy drones to allow surveillance.

Raoni will not be alone but is being accompanied by three other Indian chiefs.  Deforestation has increased spectacularly since the election of Jair Bolsonaro as the new Brazilian president.

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