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Almost half of Flemish municipalities ask for March’s storm to be recognised as a disaster

Almost half of Flanders’ 300 municipalities have made a request for the storm that batted much of the country during the second weekend of March to be recognised as a disaster. The Flemish Prime Minister Geert Bourgeois (nationalist) reports that 148 Flemish municipalities have asked for the storm to be recognised as a disaster. 

A total of 11,080 claims have been lodged for damages to property amounting to a value of some 24.2 million euro. However, this figure is likely to increase. On Sunday 10 March a storm swept across Flanders. The emergency services received a flood of calls. In Mol (Antwerp province) a man was killed by a falling tree.  


Some municipalities have joined forces and lodged a single request for disaster recognition with their neighbours. 16 municipalities have still not provided all the information required, such as for example photographs, for their request to be treated.