From today it’s cheaper to call other European countries on your mobile

From today (Wednesday 15 May) it will be a lot cheaper to make phone calls to most other European countries using your mobile. The cost of making calls to number in the other 27 EU countries, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway has in many cases fallen dramatically as  result of the new measures. 

Almost two years ago on 1 June 2017 roaming costs within the EU were scrapped. Since then those holidaying, visiting family or friends or on a business trip in another EU country  have been able to use their mobile to telephone, text or access data services under the same conditions as if they were in their home country.


From now on they will be also able to telephone their friends and family that live else in European at a much lower tariff than was previously the case. An upper price limit has been now been set and this is far lower that what most operators had been charging their customers. Previously, customers had been charged as much as 1 euro/minute to make a call to for example Ireland, Spain or France.  


The EU directive sets an upper price limit of 19 eurocent/minute to make a call to countries elsewhere in the EU as well Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland. Operators may now charge no more than 6 eurocent for a text sent to the countries mentioned above.  However, there are some exceptions.


For example customers with bundles allowing them to call abroad for a set number of minutes per month can still be charged more if the number of minutes of foreign calls is more than their bundle allowance. Operators are obliged by law to inform their customers of this.   

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