Air traffic resumes

Flights to and from Belgium's biggest airports have resumed after a protest by Belgian air traffic controllers ended for the time being at least.  No flights were able to land or take off from Brussels Airport or Charleroi between 9:30AM and 1PM after air traffic controllers walked out.

The Skeyes air traffic controllers are unhappy with staff numbers and work pressure.  An accord reached between management and unions hasn't got the support of the workforce.

In all 90 flights were cancelled at Brussels and a further ten at Charleroi.  The conflict at Skeyes is far from over, though there is pressure on all parties to come up with a solution.

Delays are expected to continue all afternoon and into the evening.  Many flights landed or took off with a delay and this led to scenes of chaos at the airport.  A spokesman for Brussels Airport told reporters that the resumption of services was particularly difficult: "Planes are leaving one by one.  The disruption will be felt all day."

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