Gangsters blow up ATM, get away with cash

A branch of the Argenta bank in Gruitrode in Limburg was attacked by gangsters overnight.  The gangsters blew up a cashpoint with a view to getting their hands on the cash that it contained.

The thieves are believed to have got away with a sizeable amount, but the bills will probably have been damaged by ink making it impossible to use them. This is the fifth time that explosives are used with a view to blowing up an ATM in Limburg Province so far this year.

Limburg prosecutors have confirmed explosives were used.  Local residents were roused by a large bang around 3AM.  Several gangsters were involved in the raid and all managed to head off.  Local mayor Lode Ceyssens is relieved nobody was injured in the attack.  Nobody was living in the premises above the bank at the minute, but there is considerable damage.

Fire-fighters were busy for many hours reinforcing the damaged building to prevent any collapse.

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