King Albert has to provide DNA or pay 5,000 euros a day

Albert, King of Belgians, has been ordered to pay 5,000 euros a day for every day that he fails to hand over a sample of his DNA to the court dealing with the Delphine Boël paternity case.

Artist Delphine Boël has gone to court in a bid to be recognised as King Albert's daughter after her mum was in a relationship with the king when she was born.  Delphine's mum was married to Jacques Boël at the time, but a court has now accepted that he isn't the child's legal father.  The appeal court asked all those involved including King Albert to provide DNA within three months with a view to establishing a natural relationship.

King Albert took the matter to the Supreme Court, but the appeal court has now sided with Delphine Boël's lawyers and 5,000 euros has to be paid for every day that those involved don't come up with a DNA sample.   The appeal court has agreed not to release the findings of a DNA examination before the Supreme Court has ruled in this case. The appeal court now intends to determine a date by which the DNA sample must be provided.  Otherwise the 5,000 euros will be due.

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