Another wolf spotted, this time in Luxembourg Province

WWF Belgium and Réseau Loup, a Francophone group of wolf experts set up by the Walloon Government in 2017, report that a wolf has been spotted near to Neufchâteau in Luxembourg Province. The sighting dates from a couple of weeks ago. The wolf is the fourth that has been spotted in Belgium in recent years. 

The wolf was seen in the hamlet of Ebly in the municipality of Léglise on the night of Tuesday 30 April. Photographs were taken of the animal and DNA analysis of the animal’s excrement show that unlike the wolves previously spotted in Belgium that originated from Germany and from Eastern Europe, the wolf spotted in Ebly originates from the Italian Alps.     

According to WWF Belgium’s Koen Stuyck the wolf has trekked around 800 kilometres to reach the Ardennes from Northern Italy.  

"Previously we had predicted that that two sorts of wolf would meet on Belgian soil. The fact that they are both here is good news for biodiversity. This is a sign that they have enough space to be able to move and to survive”.

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