Asbestos concerns in East Flemish village

A school and a crèche in the East Flemish municipality of Maldegem will remain closed on Friday amid fears that asbestos particles have been released into the atmosphere during work to repair the roof of the local sports hall.  

Villagers in Kleit had expressed concerns that asbestos plates were being smashed by roofers before they are thrown into a waste skip. The sports hall where the roofing work is taking place is right next to a crèche and a primary school. Concerned parents contacted the municipal authorities. An investigation found that asbestos participles have been released into the atmosphere.

In a press statement Maldegem Council wrote that there had been a serious professional error on the part of the contractor carrying out the work.  The site has been washed down and the skips containing the asbestos have been removed.  

Local residents have been informed about the risk of possible asbestos contamination. They have been asked to keep their windows and doors shut and to turn off ventilation systems.  

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