Consumers’ association asked authorities to take action against AliExpress

The consumers’ association Test Aankoop has asked the authorities to take action against the Chinese e-commerce platform AliExpress.  Test Aankoop claims that AliExpress fails to respect European law. Test Aankoop’s counterparts in other EU countries are also calling for action to be taken against the Chinese company.  Here Test Aankoop has asked the Federal Economy Service and the Consumer Affairs Minister Kris Peeters (Flemish Christian democrat) to take action.   

Test Aankoop says that AliExpress’ general conditions are difficult to find and those that succeed in finding them can only find them in English. This contravenes European law. Moreover, if a customer and AliExpress fail to resolve a dispute amicably, the customer’s only recourse is to a court of arbitration in Hong Kong.

“Not only is this completely unrealistic, but it also contravenes European law”, Test Aankoop said in a statement released on Friday evening.    

"Moreover AliExpress says that it guarantees a refund if a product clearly doesn’t comply with what was described or if it is not delivered. However, European law is clear: a customer can return a product within 14 days without having to give a reason”.  

"Finally no mention is made of the legally-binding two-year guarantee that is applicable to all customers in the EU”.  

As well as having contacted the authorities, Test Aankoop has also written to Alibaba (the company that owns AliExpress) to ask it to abide by European law and has even offered its help to enable the Chinese company to do so.      

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