Far-right third in new poll

The results of a new poll carried out on behalf of the commercial broadcasters VTM and RTL-TVI and the dailies ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ and ‘Le Soir’ show big gains for the far-right in Flanders. The poll carried out by the polling agency Ipsos asked 1,003 Flemings how they intend to vote in the federal elections. 

Of those that responded 28.1% said that they intended to vote for the Flemish nationalist party N-VA. This is down 4.3% on their showing in the 2014 Federal election. Although at 17% they are also down on the 18.6% they polled in 2014, the Flemish Christian democrats will be encouraged by their showing of 17.1% in the Ipsos poll as it is higher than their performance in previous opinion polls.

The party that will draw the most cheer from the poll is the far-right Vlaams Belang. With 14.8% of the vote intentions not only does it come in third, but its poll rating is more than one and a half time higher than the 5.8% it scored in the 2014 federal election.

Although at 12.1% the Flemish greens are well up on the 8.6% they polled in 2014 they are still well down on the 15.6% of voting intention they got in last Ipsos poll in February.

With 11.2% (down 4.3 percentage points on 2014) the Flemish liberals remain in the doldrums as do the Flemish socialists that are down 3 percentage points on their 2014 score at 11%. The far left polled 4.7%. This just under the electoral threshold. However, they may well have an MP or MPs elected depending on their performance in individual constituencies. 

Greens in the lead in Brussels

When asked who they would vote for in the federal election 22.9% of the 519 Brussels votes surveyed said that they would vote green (the Francophone and Flemish greens in Brussels are standing on a single list). The Francophone/Flemish socialist list enjoys the support of 17.3% of the capital’s voters surveyed.

The Francophone liberals come in third with 15.5%. The Francophone federalists enjoy the support of 13.7% of those surveyed while the Francophone/Flemish far-left PTB-PVDA list is backed by 8% of the Brussels voters that expressed a preference.

The Francophone Christian democrats polled 6.5%. 5.7% of the Brussels voters surveyed said that they intend to vote for the Flemish nationalist party N-VA, 2.7% said that they will vote Vlaams Belang, 0.7 for the Flemish liberals and 0.8% for the Flemish Christian democrats.          

Socialists still the biggest in Wallonia

In Wallonia the socialists lead the poll with 28%. The liberals are second with 23%, the greens third with 19%.

The Christian democrats have the backing of 9.2% of those questioned, while 9.7% of those questioned said that they would vote for the far-left PTB.     

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