Unemployment down across Belgium

Unemployment in Belgium fell again during April. In the country as a whole Unemployment in April of this year was around 3% lower than was the case in April 2018. The year-on-year fall was the greatest in Flanders where there were 6% fewer job-seekers last month than was the case a year ago. Meanwhile, in Wallonia there was little change.   

Compared with the figures for March, there were 9,200 people registered as unemployed in Belgium last month This is a fall of -1.9%.   

In Belgium as a whole 465,000 people were unemployed this is 9.1% of the working population. At 5.9% Flanders has the lowest unemployment rate of Belgium’s three regions. Meanwhile, 12.7% of the Walloon workforce is seeking work. The figure for the Brussels-Capital Region is higher still with 17.8% of the working population in Brussels seeking work.  


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