20 injured in accident with high tension power lines

20 people were injured, 3 of whom seriously, when streamers were fired into the air under high tension power lines at Mol in Antwerp province. The accident happened on Saturday evening as a local hockey team celebrated winning the championship in the league in which it plays. 

What should have been a celebration ended in tragedy for Mol’s under-19’s women’s hockey team. The teenagers were champions in their league and to celebrate this streamers were shot into the air above the hockey pitch.

However, the Mayor of Mol Wim Caeyers (Christian democrat) told VRT News that "The streamers came into contact with the power lines and the electricity they were carrying was diverted down. Via the iron fence around the pitch it ended up in the canteen where the fuse box  was taken out”.

The images below that an eyewitness sent to the local television station RTV show what happened. 

Supporters that were near to the fence suffered injuries. Initially 14 people were taken to hospitals in Mol and nearby Geel. Later this figure rose to 20. 17 of the 20 people hospitalised have since been discharged.

Three other that were more seriously injured are still in hospital. Two of these are receiving treatment at the specialist burns unit at Stuivenberg Hospital in Antwerp. The third person still in hospital is receiving treatment at Leuven University Hospital in Flemish Brabant.  

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