Legionella detected at several plants near Port of Ghent

Legionella has been found at five businesses near the port of Ghent.  The legionella is of the same strain as that which killed two locals.

Legionella of a different strain was found at two other businesses in the same area.  The investigation by the Flemish care and health agency focused on cooling towers.  Legionella was found at seven businesses out of 17 investigated.

At three businesses a high level of the bacteria was recorded.  It's the strain linked to the present outbreak.  At the two other companies relatively low levels were found.

All the companies launched a disinfection of their facilities after samples were taken.  The procedure will be repeated.  Two new patients take the total of people affected by the outbreak to 23.  Two people have already died.  Nine patients were able to leave hospital while four are in intensive care, though there are no fears for their lives. Eight other patients are hospitalised.   

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