Army union ACMP calls for three-day working week

The union ACMP that represents those employed in the Belgian military has called for a three-day working work for those that carry out operational duties in our army, navy and air force. The union says that this would help reduce the number of servicemen and women leaving our armed services and make a job in the military more attractive to  potential new recruits. The union’s suggestion forms the basis of an article in Tuesday’s edition of the daily ‘Het Nieuwsblad’.    

ACMP’s Yves Huwart told the paper that “The Belgian armed services are confronted with a large number of people leaving. A reason that is often given is that service(wo)men feel that they are stationed a long way from home. On foreign missions it is all very well-planned. However, here many have issues with working the whole week from 8am to 5pm.”

In order to reduce the number of military personnel leaving the armed services, ACMP suggest the introduction of a three-day working work for those working in operational units.

"This is conducive for soldiers that are confronted with having to travel long distances before starting work and it is also efficient for the training schedule. They would then have working days of 12 hours and this would let them train a lot and more efficiently”.   

In some circumstances a working work of 3x12 hours already exists in the Belgian armed forces.  

"For example, among technical staff that work on the aeroplanes. This kind of work rhythm serves to keep people on board. It allows for a good work-life balance and it makes people prepared to travel long distances”.

Mr Huwart cites an example "I know people that work in Kleine Brogel (an air base in Limburg), but live in Ostend (West Flanders). They only keep doing it because they have a different work regime”.   


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