Use scooters for free on polling day

One of the companies that operates a scooter-share service in Brussels, Lime, is to offer its services for free on Sunday. As you probably already know Sunday 26 May is the day we go to the polls to elect our representatives in the federal, regional and European parliaments. Lime has teamed up with the European Parliament and will offer its scooters free of charge on Sunday to making it easier for voters to get to and from polling stations.    

The European Parliament is keen to increase turnout for the European elections. Although voters in Belgium are obliged by law to at least turn up at the polling station, this is not the case in most other EU member states. In 2014 just 43% of those eligible to vote in the European elections actually bothered to do so.

In order to increase participation in this year’s European elections the European parliament launched the website and has teamed up with Lime in an effort to get the maximum number of people possible to go out and vote.

On Sunday Lime will hand out free crash helmets and free use of its scooter by means of a promotional code than can be used by those that already have downloaded the Lime app onto their smartphone. The code will be activated on 26 May and will be valid between 6am  and 9pm.  

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