Belgian expats vote today

Belgians that are resident abroad and that are registered in the population register at their nearest Belgian Consulate will able to cast their vote for the federal elections today. Those that don’t live in an EU country can also cast their vote for the European elections. Belgian expats are not allowed to vote in the regional elections. Polling stations are open at Belgian embassies and consular offices across the globe between 1pm and 9pm local time. 


Belgian nationals living abroad that have opted to vote at their nearest embassy or consulate and are like Belgians living in Belgium obliged by law to turn up at the polling station.   

Belgians that asked to do so can also vote be post or if they so wish return to Belgium and vote in a polling station here on Sunday. 


Those living in another EU country are only obliged to vote for the Federal Parliament. Those living outside the EU vote for both the Federal Parliament and the European Parliament.


Those that wanted to vote had to register before 1 February. They had to give the name of “a Belgian municipality with which they have a connection”. In most cases this is a municipality in which they once lived.


Those that asked to vote were given three options: vote at the embassy/consulate, vote by post or vote in person or by proxy Belgium on 26 May.  

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