E40 motorway re-opens, 100 drivers fined for filming accident scene while driving

Brussel-bound carriageway of the E40 motorway at Wetteren in East Flanders has re-opened after been closed for much of the morning. As we reported earlier an overturned lorry had blocked all three lane of the road from around 8am.  

While work was being carried out to clear the motorway the police issued around 100 fines to motorists on the coast-bound carriageway that took photographs or filmed the accident scene while driving. All of those fined will have to pay 116 euro.  

The accident happened just before 8am when a lorry that was transporting a large crane overturned. The 22 tonne vehicle blocked all three lane of the Brussels-bound carriageway of the motorway at Wetteren (East Flanders).   

After having been closed for 5 hours, the motorway reopened at around 1pm. The closure of the motorway caused gridlock in a wide area around the accident scene. 

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