International recognition for Meise Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens in the Flemish Brabant municipality of Meise have been given an award by the International Association of Botanical Gardens. The award is a recognition of the Meise Botanical Gardens’ unique collection of living plants.  In its report the International Association of Botanical Gardens praises the scientific research and the high-level of expertise among the staff that work at Meise.  The Botanical Gardens are home to more than 1,000 species of plant that are not kept at any other botanical gardens anywhere in the world.


The Meise Botanical Gardens has been granted recognition as an “Advanced Conservation Practitioner”. Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BCGI) granted Meise the prestigious label after having carried out a far-reaching study of the Botanical Garden‘s living collections, its scientific research, the training given to and the level of specialisation and expertise of those working there and Meise’s adherence to international conventions.        

BGCI’s report tells us that the Meise Botanical Gardens has 1,079 species of plant that can be found in no other botanical gardens in the world. 6 species of plant kept at Meise are on the list of the world’s endangered plant species.  Furthermore, the botanical gardens have a seed bank in which the seeds of hundreds of endangered plant species are kept.  

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